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  1. I suggested to David that he create a place where his photography clients could post props and kudos and share their experiences. This was entirely selfish since I needed someplace to share my experience shooting with him.

    Let me back up. I recently commissioned David to do some shots for my new website. I am glad I did, not only are the images pulling in the compliments, but equally important to me, I had a blast doing it.

    I have been a student of photography for 50 plus years. I began our discussion with some well it might be a bit like Karsh, or perhaps we could do something a bit more like this Halsman. Soon David had me swept away into a discussion of lenses and techniques – it was as most fun as I can remember having in many years.

    His knowledge of both history and technique is so deep – as is his toybox full of marvelous things – that there is literally nowhere he can’t take you. You are not limited to a single style – though he has a very distinct one. Add to that he has a keen sense of the mission honed by years on the set – he never loses sight of what the photos need to accomplish and convey.

    And he does tests! My gawd – nobody does tests anymore.

    As a result the pictures are superb. They set a tone for the site. Even my Mom, who was a photographer herself and has been shooting me since I could sit up, approved. In fact she wants a print. And I aim to ask David to sign it.


    • Chris,
      Thanks for the suggestion. A suggestion box to go with the “toy box”. Say hi to your mom and tell her it would be an honor to sign her print.

      • DJS
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  2. Wow just scrolling through heaven and earth and contours and I’m blown away..I’m going to make some green tea and really examine some of your artistry..I shed a tear looking at some of these photos..they are absolutely transcendental..I’m going to share your page with some of my cinematographer teachers if thats ok…really I’ve looked at aspiring photos from photographers but yours are in a whole separate league…truly inspiring…

    • Hi Kokoma! Thank you for throwing your eyes on to my work. Please share as you like.

      • DJS
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  3. Whatever the power of the camera .. It is the photographer who is part of an act by which a moment becomes immortal … A fragile point in time caught and given a place in a cultural continuum.

    • Peter Gardner
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  4. As both a Public Relations professional and your cousin I congratulate you on your wonderful work! My late sister Jocelyne would be proud of you.
    Bisou XX
    Nicole Benzakin


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