David Jean Schweitzer

The son of an international art dealer and a legendary fashion designer, David received an extraordinary education in the arts. His formative development did not, however, arouse David to take on a role in either of his parent’s professions. Instead, he took entry-level jobs and rose up through the trenches in what turned out to be a historic intersection of fine art, pop music and motion pictures. His motion picture projects have been official selections at major International Film Festivals in Torino, Cartagena, Galway, New York, East Hampton, Los Angeles, Mill Valley, Rhode Island, Newport Beach and dozens more. 

David attends to color and contour with adoring purpose. Thanks to his chosen profession he has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with nature and engaged in many fruitful and fulfilling collaborations with people of all kinds. While he works with all the latest digital technology, David’s lifelong passion is traditional film. His proficiency with large and medium format film cameras characterizes his consummate absorption with craft. 

Besides still and motion photography, David is a motion picture producer and animator. He speaks French and English, is also a multi-engine instrument rated pilot, an avid cook and outdoorsman.

Photo by Carol Morgan-Eagle